“Play on writing/ Writing textures” with Denise Lach, March 13-15, 2020 at 9AM-5PM

The word texture comes from the Latin word ‘textura’ which means “yarn weaving”. It also applies to the links of the
chapters of a literary work, as well as the mineral constitution of rock. In the 15th Century, a gothic small letter was named “textura” which points out its precision and the way of interlacing each letter to write a word.
First, the participants will practice interlacing letters starting from their handwriting. Then, they’ll work on capital letters practicing their calligraphic knowledge. After which, they will progressively get free from readability and experiment with a playful approach leading to a very large range of writing textures.
The first objective of this workshop is to show how endless the possibilities of creating textures are and also the part they play in a composition. The second objective is to enrich graphic vocabulary and scriptural composition.

See the flyer for this workshop HERE.